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Pack Less

Laptop Charger

Dart is up to 4x smaller and lighter than today’s laptop chargers,
and with a built-in USB port. Dart eliminates the need to carry a phone/tablet charger.

Charge Everything

2.1A Rapid-Charge
USB Port

Dart can simultaneously charge your PC laptop and any USB device.


Travel Anywhere

Sleek & Light

With its sleek and lightweight design and its 100-240V global operation,
the Dart can travel with you anywhere in the world.



What everyone is saying about the DART® and FINsix®.

Gives You Freedom

To Travel Light Icon

To Travel Light

DART’s small size and weight frees up space in
your bag and adds a spring to your step.

To Charge Anything Icon

To Charge Anything

With up to 9 different charging tips, the DART
can charge almost any laptop from any major
manufacturer. See Product Page for compatibility.

To Play Anytime Icon

To Play Anytime

At home, school, work, or on the road
DART provides the power for all your
mobile devices when you need it.

To Work Anywhere Icon

To Work Anywhere

With a streamlined design the DART fits in any
outlet and with its inline rapid charge 2.1A USB
port you can keep your phone, tablet or other USB
device charged anywhere.

Frequency Innovation


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Today's Laptop Chargers DART


Improved Power

At higher switching frequencies energy is processed more often and in much smaller chunks.  Our architectures and designs using high frequency allow us to achieve 10X better power densities, increased speed of conversion by up to 1,000x, and the ability to decrease the size or eliminate large power components.


Wasted Energy

A critical component to successfully making power conversion electronics smaller is mitigating the lost energy in each switching cycle that takes the form of heat. This efficiency in converting power and reducing wasted energy is a hallmark of FINsix®‘s patented technology and our success in producing the world’s smallest laptop charger.



The FINsix® AC/DC Power Platform is designed to be scalable for applications from 20W to 1kW. It is our goal to embed FINsix® converters across a range of applications to enable a new class of smaller, lighter, and higher performance power electronics.



Whether you are a potential customer or OEM partner we would love to connect.
To learn more about how the FINsix Power Platform could fit your application please contact us.

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